Dante’s Cypher

A malevolent cypher must be solved in order to free the love of his life from an unknown menace, whose origins date back to the darkest chapters of the Church’s history.







Book Reviews

“I had to sit silently for a spell after finishing it and wrap my brain around it. Enjoy this book now, and get on board Stephens’ train before it takes off.”

Kathleen Palmer, Nashua Telegraph

“Dante’s Cypher moves at a relentless pace with a fascinating story to keep you engaged while you travel from one scare to another. This novel is full of action, suspense and horrifying twists and turns that you never see coming”

Noah Lydiard, Producer/Director

“Very strong historical ties and amazing connection to multiple lives in the woods of Maine. I read this in one sitting, interrupted only by a brisk walk (in broad daylight!) to clear my head. Writers like T. Stephens come around once in a generation. I haven’t walked in my woods at night since I read the book, and I’m fine with that! Great, enthralling read!”

J. Dunning

Excellent, literally could not put it down! The story within a story packs so much suspense into the pages. The plot twists and turns, moving forwards and backwards in time, kept me glued to this book. The supernatural find and rescue story taking place in current day Maine would be enough to enthrall, but the brilliant (and true!) connection to a very dark time in inquisition-era Spain simply takes this book over the edge. This is a book you won’t forget and will definitely want more of!

R. McGowan